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Weight loss surgery cost - cheap cost is not always good option

Weight loss surgery cost

Weight loss surgery can be complicated and expensive  , weight loss surgery cost varies by several types of surgeries  from 18,000 USD and 35,000 USD. Cost of weight loss surgery usually involves a pre-operative lab investigations fees and x-ray, anesthesia, medical facilities, and the surgeon's fees. These prices vary depending on the level of the proceedings and the recovery duration. After weight loss surgery cost should be added, foe instance diet plans,  cost for fitness, behavior modification, nutritional supplementation cost, and plastic ( body contouring  )surgeries to get ride of loose excess skin.

Health insurance providers are starting to cover part or all of the costs of this surgery, if medical necessity is determined by your surgeon, and if you meet the requirements of National Institutes of Health. Most of the cases of severe morbidly obese  individuals  especially with a BMI ( body mass index ) greater than 40 , is covered by insurance if your surgeon will inform the insurance company that weight loss surgery is medically essential and provide relevant documents, such as records of your surgeon supervised attempts to lose weight like medical treatment and group therapies.

Coverage of weight loss surgery is also more likely if your surgeon confirms that you have comorbidities such as diabetes or  cardiac disease.

Your surgeon may help you develop a solid case that can improve your chances of insurance coverage. Coverage can varies by insurance companies. If the initial attempt to allow coverage of weight loss surgery is denied, you may appeal the decision, you should start your appeal immediately. Insurance reimbursements and maintenance of a nutritionist, a psychologist, an exercise program and nutritional supplements for example vitamin B12 injections may be reduce, if covered completely.

Obesity or weight loss surgery costs vary greatly depending on several factors :

The type of surgery, the physical location of gastric surgery, the surgeon's experience level in weight loss surgery, and the number of form of before and after operative procedures performed and costs related healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologists and nutritionists) for the treatment of overweight. The greatest cost variation occurs with the site and the surgeon's experience level in weight loss surgery.

Gastric weight loss  surgery is not the lowest cost. But is obese is almost always a cost even more. Because obese takes its toll financially, emotionally and often physically. The latest national estimates of health expenditure show that obesity is now such as smoking. The annual costs for treating patients who are overweight or obese has almost 100 billion dollars. Because the money that you can use, and losing, because obesity, you may decide that a one-time cost and the dramatic weight loss, Generally it will save money . There are also tax incentives that you might be able to take benefits.

Arrange the money you spend on weight loss surgery, physician visits, medications, prescription medicines, and lab investigations. Add to money lost work time and money spent on weight loss attempts have failed nonsurgical. If you add all these expenses in the last 12 months, and then multiplying by the rest of their life expectancy is likely to see a real economy in the financial cost of weight loss surgery. What can not be measured are the real benefits that you see on your health and quality of life.

Low cost is not always good option

Cheaper is not always better than some weight loss surgeries  are made outside the U.S. and are cheaper, or appears to be less expensive than their domestic counterparts. The weight loss surgery, and surgical facility, or medical clinics and related components , is not regulated by the FDA or the American legal system, and patients are only little or no recourse  if something goes wrong. If you had insurance, you must also take into account the fact that most insurance companies do not cover costs of non-emergency procedures performed outside the U.S. It must also take into account the cost of travel and travel expenses for your partner's support, which is recommended. Follow up visits, which are necessary and essential to the success of weight loss surgery, are also can create problem

Insurance coverage for weight loss surgery 

Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid pays for many gastric weight loss surgeries in some specific situations. View insurance and finance for more information.

Other different ways to pay for gastric weight loss surgery , 

 If the insurance refuses to allow gastric weight loss surgery, or if you do not have insurance, you can pay for gastric surgery in another way:
  • Finance by gastric weight loss surgeon, through bank, or weight loss finance plan .
  • Loan of a 401 (k), mutual funds, home equity, saving plan or pay with a credit card or credit card
  • Under the provision of many cheap rate borrowing plans .

Weight loss surgery cost in the United States

See  the  chart below to an average  charges of weight loss surgery in the United States. These figures are general, and your weight loss  cost may vary depend on the factors they are  listed in this article and  in table below

Weight loss surgery

Average Cost

Price Range

Gastric bypass surgery

25,000 USD

18,000 - 35,000 USD

LAP-BAND surgery

18,000 USD

12,000 - 25,000 USD

REALIZE  Band surgery

20,000 USD

16,000 - 25,000 USD

Gastric sleeve surgery

15,000 USD

10,000 - 25,000 USD

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery

25,000 USD

20,000 - 35,000 USD

Biliopancreatic diversion bypass (BDP) surgery

23,000 USD

20,000 - 25,000 USD

Duodenal switch surgery

20,000 USD

18,000 - 30,000 USD